What are the guidelines for administering exams to ExamTakers who require printed materials?

ExamTakers requiring a paper-based exam follow these guidelines:

  1. Request Paper-Based Exam:

    • Notify the Test Coordinator in advance if a paper-based exam is needed.
  2. District Coordinator's Role:

    • The Test Coordinator prints the exam locally for the examtaker.
  3. Token Method for Data Entry:

    • After completing the paper exam, the Proctor/Tutor or Coordinator/Controller uses the token method to enter examtaker's responses into the FocalPoint platform.
  4. Simplified Process:

    • The token method provides a straightforward way to input examtaker's responses into the system, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

By adhering to these guidelines, students can seamlessly take paper-based exams, while the Proctor or Coordinator efficiently records their responses in the FocalPoint platform.

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