Proctor Controllers - Comment, Reset, Remove, Entry Details


  • Click on the 'Comment' button as depicted.
  • Type the comment in the 'Proctor Observation' page.
  • Click 'Save' to send any comments/messages to Exam Takers/Students.





  • Click on the 'Reset' button to reset the Exam Token.
  • Confirm the reset by clicking 'Yes Please Confirm it' in the popup.
  • Successfully reset the Exam Token, and a new Exam Token is generated.






  • Click on the 'Remove' button to remove the Exam Taker/Student from the Exam Time Slot.
  • Confirm the removal, and the Exam Taker/Student will be removed successfully.



Entry Details:

  • Click on the 'Entry Details' button to view entry details such as 'IP Address' and 'Enter/Reentry Times' of the Exam Taker.



By utilizing these controls, you can effectively manage and monitor the exam environment, ensuring a secure and organized examination process.



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