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Essential Questions

How do you assign & administer assessments?

How do you create an assessment (item bank & teacher created)?

How do you create questions?

How do students take assessments?

How do you view assessment results?


Assigning & Administering Assessments 

  • Select a course under “My Courses”


  • Click the “New Test Administration” button under, “Test Administration”


  • Under “Test Administration Details”, give the test a title, start/due date


  • Click the “Find Test” button to locate a test


  • Scroll up and down and click the blue “Add” tab to select desired test


  • Write a description of the test (optional) & click the blue “Save” button


  • Under “Test Administration”, click on test to view students assigned to the test, the status of students taking the tests, and scoring once complete


  • Click the FocalPointK12 Logo in top left corner to return “Home”


Creating an Assessment (item bank & teacher created)

  • Click “Assessments” then “Tests”
  • Click the “Add New Test” button in the top right side of page
  • Give the test a Title & complete additional fields (Time Allowed, Maximum Attempts, & Description)
  • Under “Meta Data Tags”, choose the grade level, subject, & tag the standards (optional/item banks questions are already tagged to standards so this is not mandatory)
  • Click the “Find Questions” button to locate questions
  • Use the filters to sort questions in item banks (Example: 7th grade math I would select, Grade 7, Math, Choose standard(s), DOK, Item Type, etc.)
  • Click the Back to Test button once selections have been made
  • Save the Test
  • To preview the test, select Preview button.


Creating Questions

  • Click “Assessments” then “Questions”


  • Click the “Add New Question” button


  • Choose Interaction Type—Multiple Choice (you can also do Extended Text and/or EBSR (Evidence Based Selected Response) questions as well)


  • Enter the exact language of the question in the fields along with the answer options for MC. Additional answer options can be added or removed using the noted blue button.


  • Under “Meta Data Tags”, select grade level, subject, & tag to appropriate standards


  • Enter DOK Level & select Item Style


  • Click Save


  • Click Preview to view


Students taking Assessments

  • Logout of FocalPointK12 as a teacher & close all browsers


  • Login as Student


  • Select a Course


  • Under Test Administration, click on desired test


  • Click the green “Launch Test” button after, “Are you ready to take test?” to begin the assessment


  • Click the navy blue button that says, “Begin Test”


  • Enter answers & click next to move to next question. Select finished once complete


Viewing assessment results


  • Click “Dashboards” then “Data Dashboard”


  • To view Standards Proficiency, click on + sign on the Standards Proficiency chart to drill down. Click on the charts to drill further for more details…


  • To view Assessment Proficiency, click on Classroom Assessment chart to drill down, to drill further click on the + sign for more details…


  • To view Assessment Item Analysis, click on Classroom Assessment chart to drill down, click on “Click here to view results by Question” located top left corner.


  • Click Home button on the top left corner to navigate back to Main Dashboard
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