How Do I Get Started Creating My Own Questions?


  • To create your own questions and add to the item bank, select the ‘Resources’ tab on the left side of the page.
  • Then select the ‘Questions’ tab.


  • This takes you into the Item Bank where you have access to all question items currently in the system. To add/create a new question, select the ‘+Add New Question’ Tab located at the top right side of the page.


  • You are now at the screen that will allow you to create your question(s). This area provides you with several options: You can choose to make this question accessible to others in your district by tagging the question as ‘Public”, provide your question with a title, select the interaction type (multiple-choice, extended text, fill in the blank, order & match the following), and tag/align the question to standards, DOK, grade, subject, etc.

 Choose to share the question (by making it ‘Public’) or keep it private so only you have access…   



Give the question a title…  


Select the question/interaction type…  


  • Tag/Align the question to curriculum standards & other appropriate fields (It is critical that you tag the question to the appropriate standard (s) so that accurate standard mastery reports are made available for analysis).

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