How do I score extended text & constructive response questions using rubrics?

1. When students complete an assessment that includes extended response or essay, a teacher needs to score these questions. Questions from our item bank partners already include rubrics. Teachers can create rubrics and enter them in the platform for questions created on their own. The scores will show up for both the student and teachers as ‘Pending Review’ until the teacher has scored them.

2. To score the constructive response questions, click on the ‘Score Test’ tab beside each student.

3. You will then be able to review the student response and score the response based on the rubric embedded into the platform. The Rubric provides success criteria for each level of scoring and sample responses as well.

4.Once finished, select ‘Submit Scoring’ and you will receive a confirmation showing that the assessment has successfully been scored.

5.After the student submits the test, the teacher and the student will both be able to view the results of the assessment along with the test summary noting details and feedback.


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