How do I create an Evidence-Based Selected Response Question (EBSR)?

1. Evidence-Based Selected Response (EBSR)—Combines a traditional selected-response questionwith a second selected-response question that asks students to show evidence from the text that supports the answer they provided to the first question. To create an EBSR (Evidence Based Selected Response).


2. Like multiple choice and extended text, select the interaction type (EBSR) in the dropdown box, give the question a title, and choose if you want the question to be public or private. An EBSR question includes a narrative or passage for students to read. Add this passage in the appropriate text box. Once complete, enter the ‘Accuracy’ question and the ‘Evidence’ Question using the corresponding tabs.


3.Record the Question, the various answer choices, and select the correct response for both the Accurate and Evidence question. Once complete, select Save and the EBSR question is now available in the item bank.

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