How do I add a resource to a folder?

  • Once you find a resource you would like to use, the Digital Resource can be organized into folders, which can be shared with other teachers and/or individual/groups of student(s). To add a resource to a folder, click on the ‘Add’ tab located on the right side of the resource, choose the folder(s) you would like to have the resource added to, and click on the box beside each folder. Once checked, you will receive a confirmation message noting that the resource has been stored in the designated folder.

Another way to add resources to folders is to drag & drop resources into folders. First, select the ‘Folders’ Tab located beside the ‘Search’ Tab at the top left side of the page.  This shows all of the folders on the left side of the page making it easy for you to drag and drop resources into selected folders. To drag and drop resources into folders, click and hold onto the title then drag the title into the desired folder. Once complete, you will receive a confirmation noting that the resources has been added to the folder.



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